About GAPP

About Us

GAPP – Synergy for Growth

We are the 1st. networking group in the Oil and Gas Industry (O&G) in Argentina. As a business institution and organization, we have been fostering a collaborative working scheme since 2003, oriented to encourage business networking, commercial promotion and technological development of local suppliers in the O&G and gas industry.

We gather more than 150 local suppliers providing E&P companies, oil services companies, engineering and construction companies, and EPC projects with a solid array of more than 1000 lines of specialized goods, equipment and services throughout the different stages of the upstream, midstream and downstream processes.
For more than 15 years, we have been offering strategic access to local technology to the energy and industrial sector in Argentina and in 25 world markets.

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Our lines of work:

Promoción Comercial

Commercial Promotion

In Argentina and 25 world markets

■ 1900+ Business Meetings Organized
■ 150+ Technical and Commercial Missions Carried Out
■ Presence in 80+ International Fairs and Congresses

Desarrollo Empresario

Company Development

Technological Development and Innovation Support

■ Projects Financing Assistance
■ Training Courses and Programs
■ GAPP 4.0
■ Technical and Commercial I+D+i Assistance Programs
■ Work Groups
■ Market survey. Ad Hoc Consulting.

Información Estratégica

Strategic Information

for Analysis and decision making

■ Argentinian Upstream Activity Reports
■ Industrial Project Reports
■ Technical Presentations and Case Studies Archive
■ O&G Newsbase by Market
■ Statistics

Representación Sectorial

Sectoral Representation

Public and Private Organizations Articulation

We create links connecting our member companies to the main public and private organizations and institutions in the sector. As a leading business organization, we actively participate in the discussion and delineation of public policies ruling the oil, mining, petrochemical and energy activities. We are also part of the Oil and Gas Observatory and we maintain constant linkage with the scientific and technological community.

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