Cementa Tem S.A. is a heat treatment company founded in the year 1943, today is established as the oldest range company in plaza. It began its activity in a 520 m2 premises, with a modest semi-muffle ovens plant. Currently the company is located in Lomas de Zamora, in a plant of 5500 m2, thanks to the effort and constant investments of its managers, Eduardo and Nicolas Serrano. We have last-generation equipment equipped with process control, which allows us to offer a wide service and to face the challenges posed by the metalmechanical industry.

Facilities and Services

- Annealing
- Carburizing
- Ferritizing
- Hardening of crowns in press
- Hypertemper
- Isotermic annealing
- Normaliced
- Perlitized
- Presipitated
- Quenching
- Shot peening
- Solubilized
- Stress relief
- Tempering
Cementa Tem S.A.
Gral Antonio Jose de Sucre 1670
Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires (B1832EBH)
Tel: 6079-5090 / 6062-1630

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