Our company started business in the 90's as a manufacturer of industrial cleaning chemical products such as: ecologic cleaners, degreasers, rust-removers, phosphatizing and dielectric products, soaps, disinfectants, descaling and anti-scaling products, flocculating agents, coagulants, etc. Used in the production, maintenance and other sectors of the heavy industry such as: oil companies, metallurgic, iron and steel industries, car industry, graphic industry, rotary printing presses and shipping industry. From the beginning, Econor s.A. Has been known as an innovating company specialized in all types of products and industries that continuously offers and develops ecologic and safe alternatives to replace the conventional products for other biodegradable ones manufactured on the basis of natural extracts.

Facilities and Services

- Degreaser
- Desoxidantes
- ECOFILE GD - Digital Document Management Software
- Ecologic industrial cleaner
- Non chlorinated dielectric degreaser solvent
Econor S.A.
Juan Jauregui 1735
Ituzaingo, Buenos Aires (B1714AAA)
Tel: 541144812352/541146215387

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