Frio-Raf S.A. is an argentinean cold processing industrial company situated in rafaela city, santa fe province. Our product line is composed by: screw and reciprocating compressor, plates heat exchangers, tube and shell heat exchangers, pressure vessels, evaporative condensers, liquid receivers, liquid recirculator packages, baudelot coolers, evaporators, cylinders ice makers, flake ice machines, rapid cooling tunnel, shell and tube evaporators, control systems. We have ASME standard certification, U and R ASME stamp, and we also have the NB stamp of the national board.

Facilities and Services

- Evaporative Condensers
- Evaporators
- Freezing Tunnel
- Frigorific Systems
- Ice Generators
- Liquid Coolers
- Receivers
- Sistemas de Control
Frio-Raf S.A.
Lisandro de la Torre 958
Rafaela, Santa Fe (S2300DAT)
Tel: 5434-9243-2174 / 54 34-9243-2160

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