Gie provides technical support for inspection, integrity assessment, fitness for service, asset management and special ndt as well as the development and application of assessment methodologies structural integrity for O&G. We focus on defining fitness for service, check operation safety and compliance with applicable codes and regulations. The management of physical assets and application of special ndts with certified and qualified staff, assures our projects professionalism and excellence. With offices in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, we have been developing activities in LatAm since 1995.

Facilities and Services

- Analysis and verification of stresses and strains
- Analysis, design, implementation and configuration of GeoDatabase (BD GIS)
- Asset management
- Calibrated sheets for alignment of rotating equipment
- Cementing truck
- Cisterns
- Corrosion analysis and control
- Courses, Training Workshops and Leveling of Inspectors in NDT; ASNT
- Courses, Training Workshops and Leveling of Inspectors NDT & ASNT
- Cyclonic separators
- Engineering and construction services
- Engineering services
- ESYS10: Portable Identador for END of Stress of Rupture and Creep
- Facilities inspection
- Failure analysis and RCA
- Frak Tank
- General structural analysis
- Inspection and maintenance planning
- Instrumentation with Vibraitng Strain Gages
- Integrity Management
- LPG Containers
- Mechanical seals
- Network analysis for fluid balance
- Non-lubricated film couplings
- Risk analysis (QRA)
- Risk-based inspection planning software
- Sand Box
- Special NDT, Guided Waves, Gammagraphy, Phased Array
- Stress analysis
- Structural and functional analysis of drill pipes. Finite Element Modeling
- Structural and functional analysis of pipe threaded joints. Finite element models
- Structural and functional analysis of pipelines. Finite element models
- Structural and functional analysis of subsea pipelines. Finite element models
- Topography, Surveying and GIS Survey Services.
Gie S.A.
Av Juan B. Justo 4391
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires (B7600EIB)
Tel: 54 223 410 4450

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