Hillmann S.A., established in 1929, manufactures gears, parallel shaft, bevel and planetary gear reducers and multipliers, plus all their accesories for power transmission; also special vehicular, marine and railway transmission boxes.Since 1980 Hillmann s.A. Also designs and manufactures rotary positive displacement pumps, specially three and twin screw pumps for oils, petroleum and all other types of viscous fluids. Since 1989, development and manufacturing of medium to high pressure (up to 100 bar) twin and three screw pumps began, with applications in pipelines and special fluid transfer.

Facilities and Services

- Couplings
- Gear pumps
- Gears
- Spares for power transmissions and rotary pumps
- Speed increasers
- Speed reducers
- Three screw pumps
- Three-phase high pressure separator
- Twin screw pumps
Hillmann S.A.
Echeverria 230
Wilde, Buenos Aires (B1875ENF)
Tel: 5411-5066-0100

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