We are an argentinean company founded in 1993. Since the beginning, our goal was to develop and supply chemical products for the oil and gas industry. We tailor our services to our customer's needs. ISI is unique in the Latin American market due to its service and production structure and the fact that it focuses exclusively on the oil industry. In addition, our quality standards comprises ISO 9001-2008. List of products: tempered-curable proppants. Proppants. Cement additives. Lightener for cement. Cement additives. Antifoaming agents. Special cements. Water cushion washers. Foaming agents. Latex. Cement-setting retarders. Surfactants. Dispersants. Fluid-loss additives. Flocculant. Inhibitors. Bactericides. Buffer. Crosslinkers. Gelling agents. Breakers assistants. Solvents. Chemical products for cementing, stimulation, production and mud additives.

Facilities and Services

- Antifoaming Agent
- Bactericides
- Cement-Setting Retarder
- Cementing Additives
- Corrosion inhibitors
- Crosslinkers
- Dispersant for Cementing
- Drilling Fluids Additives
- Fluid-Loss Additive for Cementing
- Foaming Agents
- Gelling Agents
- Latex
- Multipurpose Surfactants
- Production Additives
- Proppants
- Scale Inhibitors
- Stimulation Additives
Fotos de ISI
Bombero Voluntario Senzabello 2193
Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires (B1888GHQ)
Tel: 541-14115-4004

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