Mecánica 14 is a modern company with high technological qualification that since 1987 evolves in San Carlos de Bariloche, progressively incorporating qualified technical personnel and permanently updating the productive means. Specialized in the metalworking industry, today Mecánica 14 develops and manufactures critical products and components for the Oil and Gas industry. In addition to a wide range of products and qualified premium threads, Mecánica 14 offers the customer an integral accompaniment in the development of new and challenging projects related to engineering and manufacturing.

Facilities and Services

- 5 1/2 near flash thread with dimensioned dimensions for Tenaris laboratories
- 5 1/2'' near flash thread with dimensioned dimensions for Tenaris laboratories
- 7" blue thread with restricted sizes for Tenaris testing.
- High-precision custom-made special parts
- Manufacture of dies with special threads for ERFV pipes.
- Nipple and plug
- Nipples and reductions pump joint with api threads.
- Parts for aerospace industry
- Pin-Pin nipple
- Pin-Pin Reduction
- Pin-Pin valve w/ball shut off
- Reduction 5 ½" to 2
- Set of measuring instruments for Tenaris premiun threads.
- Standard and special valves
- T-Multifunction
- Thread Tenaris near flash box 5 ½
- Y-strainer for high pressure.
Breerton Martin Ricardo
Vuelta de Obligado 592
San Carlos de Bariloche
Tel: 54294-443-6055/444-0006

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