Pefow, since 1944, has developed the whole range of pressure/vacuum valves and accessories related with storage tanks and the movement of fuel and aggressive liquids. Pefow, leads today the argentine market and exports to latin america, competing with recognized international marks. Vent: pressure valve and vaccum, flame arrester, equipment of inertization, sounding entrance, emergency vent. Dispatch of fuel: charging arms, swing joins, unfunded suctions, filters, level gages.

Facilities and Services

- Articulated loading arm
- Blanketing System
- Flame Arrester
- Floating suction
- Level Indicator
- Measuring Hatch
- Pressure/vacuum relief valve
Pefow Equipamientos S.A.
Tres Arroyos 6281
Wilde, Buenos Aires (1872)
Tel: 54 11 4207 7870

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