Rappachiani Lonas is the leading company in the manufacture of canvas products in the argentine republic. Among the solutions offered to the oil & gas industry are anti-spill trays, pvc covers to cover large surfaces, static, transportable and anti-fire pouch tanks. It maintains a strategic alliance with the metallurgical company arsemet for the manufacture of removable australian tanks with waterproof canvas covers, which store up to 6000 cubic meters of water. It also offers complementary products for tanks such as hose reel reel, hydraulic winder and ramp paragliding. The slogan with which it is presented,
"Rappachiani, our surname, our commitment, our brand", marks a work path focused on fundamental values such as respect, seriousness and responsibility.

Facilities and Services

- Anti-spill tray
- Australian tank from 2000 to 6000 m3
- Hose Reel Reel
- Hose Reel Reel
- Hydraulic winder
- Parade Ramps
- Sand covers
- Static Bag Tank
- Tank Bag Anti Fire
- Tank Bag Transportable
Rappachiani Lonas
9 de Julio 495
Marcos Juarez, Córdoba (X2580)
Tel: (03472) 45 8225

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