SA LITO GONELLA E HIJO ICFI: Argentine metal-mechanical company with 70 years of experience in the Design and Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels for the oil industry among others. The Oil & Gas Division aims to provide the industry, process equipment for surface facilities, for Upstream/Downstream sectors. Equipment: Two-Three Phase Separators, FWKO, KOD, Indirect Fired Heaters, Thermoelectric Treaters, Desalters, Gas Filters, Desanders, TEG Dehydratation Units, Heat Exchangers, Process Heaters and Towers, Gas and Liquids Storage Tanks, Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Wind Towers. Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001; ASME Stamp U, U2, S, T, R.

Facilities and Services

- 2 or 3-phase separator
- Containers for propane and industrial gases
- Degassing
- Desalination
- Desanders
- Free water separators (FWKO)
- Fuel gas separators
- Gas filters
- Indirect oil and gas heaters
- Production collectors and injection satellites.
- Sand dealers
- Scrapers traps.
- Separators for well testing
- Slug Catcher
- Slug catcher
- Thermal and thermo-electrostatic treatment
- Torch separators (KOD) and torches
S.A Lito Gonella E Hijo I.C.F.I.
Amado Aufranc 59
Esperanza, Santa Fe (S3080BKA)
Tel: 5434-9642-0632

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