Serviur Inc. is a service company that involves engineering, supply, installation and start up of high-tech systems and equipment for water and wastewater treatment. Since 1991 the company has developed an experienced and dynamic structure that can deal with growing market requirements, backed by state-of-the-art technology to comply with all regulations in force, both in industrial and potable water, wastewater and sludge disposal.Water and wastewater treatment company. Engineering, supply , start up and operation of plants. Specific treatment for produced water and flow back from fracking. Water-oil separation. Corrugate plate interceptors. Api separators. Flotation equipment: daf, dgf, iaf. Electrocoagulation. Multimedia filtration. Walnut shell filtration. Ultrafiltration. Nanofiltration. Reverse osmosis. Biological treatment.

Facilities and Services

- Activated Carbon systems
- Advanced oxidation systems (ozone, H2O2, etc.)
- Effluent and semisolid transport installations
- Filtration systems
- Inverse osmosis
- Microfiltration systems
- Sulphates removal systems / nanofiltration
- Ultrafiltration systems
- Vaccum degassing systems
- Water and effluent treatment plants
- Water treatment plants and facilities for petroleum operations
Serviur S.A.
Amenabar 1247 - Piso1°
CABA, Buenos Aires (C1426AJU)
Tel: 5411-4786-3888

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