We are an argentinian company dedicated to render services, develop products and manufacture, rent and sale tools and equipments for the oil, gas and water industry. We are committed to satisfy our internal and external needs. Our design and development department positions us at the forefront of technology within the constant demanding market of oil and gas. In the year 2001 we acquired a machining workshop for rigs and tools assembly in order to provide answers and solutions to the growing needs for development of prototypes and quality enhancement. We are certified to ISO standards 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and 9001:2015 (re-certification), by means of the accreditation agencies such as OAA, UKAS and Inmetro.

Facilities and Services

- Anchors
- Casing Savers
- Cement retainers
- Diverter Tool
- Execution of projects for the abandonment of oil wells
- Fishing
- Hydraulic retrievable packer
- Hydraulic retrievable packer cup
- Hydraulic retrievable packer high pressure
- Hydraulic retrievable packer high temperature
- Injection Wells
- Liner Hangers
- Liners Remediators
- Packer retrievable
- Packer retrievable large bore
- Plugs
- Primary and Secondary Cementation
- Production string intervention
- Repair and retubing with fiber tubing
- Reperforable plugs
- Retrievable cup tester packer
- Retrievable cup tester packer
- Retrievable double packer
- Sand and Punch Washing
- Special operations
- Stimulation and testing
- Straddle retrievable packer
- Tandem hydraulic retrievable packer
- Tandem retrievable packer
- Tree Savers
Tacker S.R.L.
Avenida Julio Salto s/n Chaca Nº2
Cipolletti, Rio Negro (R8324LWA)
Tel: 0299 478 6310

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