Our company with more than 25 years experience, pioneer in this activity, provides hydrokinetic cleaning services with ultra high pressure water equipment up to 3000 bar. This method is applied in different industries such as: petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, for the cleaning of process equipment and facilities. It is also available in the construction industry as hydrodemolition, in the shipping industry for the pickling of helmets and then painting, as a hydro cut in explosive environments.

Facilities and Services

- Hydrocorte
- Hydrodemolition
- Hydrokinetic cleaning
- Mechanical adjustments in Separatos
- Pickling and unpainting
- Pigging decoking
Técnica Armaq S.A.
Av. de Los Constituyentes 5551
CABA, Buenos Aires (C1431EZT)
Tel: 549 45745995

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