Tromba S.A., since 1949 manufacturing centrifugal industrial pumps. Offer pumps horizontal coupled,monoblock, self-priming pumps to 600 m3, pumps multistage for processes daf pumping of liquid and gases, pumps multistage of high pressure, up to 50 kg / cm2. Teams of pressurization for service against fire key in hand. Pumps with motor diesel, pumps vertical of transmission. Pumps vertical of well dry. Teams in different alloys according to the liquid to pump (steel to the carbon, steels stainless, bronze special). Boards power to 350kw. Pumps manual of drum in polypropylene and polyethylene to the industry chemistry and petrochemistry.

Facilities and Services

- Cloacal centrifugal pumps
- Diesel pumps for fire
- Electrical panels up to 400 kw.
- Explosion-proof electric motors
- Fire protection equipment
- High efficiency electric motors
- Horizontal centrifugal pumps
- Industrial centrifugal pumps
- Multistage pumps
- Multistage pumps.
- Polypropylene Drum Hand Pumps
- Pumps for fuels and LPG
- Pumps for UREA
- Self-priming cloacal pumps
- Vertical centrifugal pumps
Tromba S.A.
Dr. Carlos Casazza 235
Avellaneda, Buenos Aires (1870)
Tel: 54-11 4207-7622 / 4206-0451 / 4207-0182

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