Since 1974 Wardes Argentina is dedicated to the manufacture, sale and repair of airless pneumátic equipment and special systems paints, developed technologically for the application and atomization of paints and wide range of products, such as, antioxics, rich zinc, adhesives, epoxy, sealants, enduido, etc. Adapted to every need.Between those equipment are plural mix airless paint sprayer for application of short and long pot life paintings, polyuretane airless equipment, polyurea airless equipment and internal painting couplings.

Facilities and Services

- Airless paint sprayer 63:1
- Airless paint sprayer 68:1
- Airless paint sprayer 80:1
- Equipment for internal painting of tubes
- Plural mix airless paint sprayer
- Polyurea airless equipment
- Polyuretane airless equipment
Wardes S.A.
Av. Nicolas Milazzo 3251 y calle 151, Parque Industrial Plátanos
Berazategui, Buenos Aires (B1886BSB)
Tel: 54-11-4215-3483/4015

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