Future Energy from The Edge

Every week in The Edge, Wood Mackenzie’s Chairman and Chief Analyst Simon Flowers shares his take on the natural resources industry’s biggest stories, how they are likely to evolve and what that means for your business.
In this special series of articles from The Edge, Simon invites experts from across Wood Mackenzie to discuss the technologies shaping the energy transition.

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  • Could green hydrogen be a pillar of decarbonisation?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of carbon capture and storage, and how much investment is needed?
  • Could heat pumps displace gas heating in our homes?
  • Why is offshore wind central to energy companies’ plans?

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You’ll also get the following charts:

  • Hydrogen deployment under a 2-degree pathway, 2020-2050
  • Global carbon emissions by scenario, 2020-2050
  • CCS capacity to meet AET-2, WoodMac’s accelerated 2-degree scenario, 2020-2050
  • Global offshore wind capex and costs
  • Cost competitiveness of air-source and ground-source heat pumps compared with oil and gas boilers
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