Yacyreta’ hydroelectric project

The main works of this bi-national project are located on the Paraná River, the second largest river of Latin America and one of the largest in the world, approximately 80 km downhill from the cities of Encarnación and Posadas, on the Argentinian-Paraguayan border.

The dam measures extends nearly 70 km in length, being one of the longest of its kind in the world. Its construction continued through different phases for more than a decade, meeting highly difficult engineering issues: these were determined by the river’s huge dimensions and flow capacity, but also by the need to implement complex operations to safeguard the natural environment and local populations.

The dam begins on the Argentinian side of the Paraná. It then passes through the river’s navigable stretch (Brazo Principal), downhill from the Apipé rapids. It stretches for 18.7 km on Yacyretà Island. After crossing the Aña-Cuá stretch, it extends along the Paraguayan bank, parallel to the river, to the town of San Cosme y Damián.

The dam’s reservoir has a surface area of 1,600 km², and a total volume of water of 21 billion m³. The powerhouse currently houses 20 Kaplan turbines for a total installed capacity of 3,200 MW. It provides about 60% of Argentina’s hydroelectric energy, approximately 22% of the national energy demand.

The main concrete structure is 270 m long and 27 m wide, enabling vessels with a maximum draft of 3.65 m to clear the river level difference of 23.60 m.

The project contributed to creating new jobs in the nearby area, for a total of 12,000 people involved in the works. In time, it has become one of the main tourist sites of the area​.

Client: Entidad Binacional Yacyretà (EBY)


Yacyretá Hydroelectric Project, Argentina-Paraguay – Webuild Project

Technical data


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km Total lenght


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MW Installed capacity


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m3 Total volume of water


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m3 Rock excavation


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m3 Embankments and fills

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