Steel and Special Alloys Investment Casting Parts

With more than 45 years of trajectory and experience, Fundalum S.A. is a foundry located in the city of Tandil that manufactures Steel and Special Alloys pieces and components through the Investment Casting process.
We provide as cast, machined and thermally treated pieces acording to the particular needs of our clients, with chemical composition, dimensional, thermal treatment and mechanical properties quality certificates, offering technical support in every step of the process and following the ever growing industry standards.
Currently, our products form part of the tools in the brochures of various upstream companies with global recognition.

Facilities and Services

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Fundalum S.A.
Calle 1, Empresa 2, Parque Industrial Tandil
Tandil; Buenos Aires; Argentina(7000)
Tel: (+54-2494) 445-3330

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