Laiken S.A. is an argentine company founded in 1985, dedicated to the manufacture of galvanic and impressed current anodes for cathodic protection and the supply of products and equipment for corrosion control like remote monitoring units and equipment for CIPS /DCVG surveys. Laiken has other lines of products like graphite for all applications and special lines which includes products for Explosion Protection, Over pressure
protection (rupture discs), lenton engineered products for concrete reinforcing steel connections, Coatings for thermal insulation and Corrosion Control. Laiken works according to all national and international standards.

Facilities and Services

- Absorbent for bioremediation Laiken 28
- Absorbent for spills in water. Water remedy
- Aluminum Anodes
- Backfill
- CADWELD Weldings
- Cathodic Protection Coke
- CIPS/DCVG survey equipment
- Coatings for corrosion control
- Control Monitoring units
- CP cables
- Explosion protection equipment
- Fe-Si anodes
- Fe-Si-Cr anodes
- Galvanic Anodes
- Graphite Anodes
- Holiday detectors
- Impressed current anodes
- Lenton engineered products for concrete reinforcing steel connections
- Magnesium anodes
- MMO Titanium Anodes
- Reference electrodos
- Rupture discs
- Test station
- Zinc Anodes
Laiken S.A.
Av. Ramon Carrillo 332
CABA, Buenos Aires (C1275AHH)
Tel: (+5411) 3986 8804

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