NOV strengthens presence in Latin America with new wellsite service facility in Guyana’s oil and gas corridor

American Multinational, NOV – a worldwide drilling and oil production equipment provider – has joined the list of companies looking to on Guyana’s oil and gas success.

The company opened its Wellsite Service/Tuboscope facility at Rome on the East Bank, Guyana’s oil and gas corridor.

“I am very much looking forward to the growth that we will be experiencing in this position, in this new country. It is great, vibrant, the Guyanese people, traditions and cultures and also the enormous transformation that the country is seeing is impressive,” said NOV’s Caribbean Regional Manager, Jason Clark.

The company’s two offerings are its BRANDT and Tuboscope services.

According to its website, BRANDT helps to improve overall drilling performance and lowers a customer’s bottom line by efficiently separating solids and helping to reclaim drilling fluids for reuse.

NOV’s Tuboscope is touted as a worldwide industry leader in the innovative development of inspection equipment, corrosion control, and assessment management programs for oilfield tubulars and sucker rods.

Currently, NOV has a Guyanese staff complement of over 20, stationed at the Rome base and secondary site at the Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI), according to President, Mark Lapeyrouse.

“We have been here since 2020 and prior to that, we did like many others did – you call Houston, you have a problem, we fly over here and take care of it but that is not the way we want to do business. We wanna be here with our boots on the ground, hiring the local workforce to work with us,” he explained.

According to Lapeyrouse, NOV houses a thermal desorption facility at GYSBI and also works closely with Sustainable Environmental Solutions Inc. (SES) – the company that manages hazardous and non-hazardous waste produced by ExxonMobil’s subsidiary, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), the operator of Guyana’s Stabroek Block.

This NOV’s 11th location in Latin America.

The opening was attended by the head of Guyana’s investment agency – Peter Ramsroop, who noted that events such as NOV’s launch demonstrates that the country’s upward trajectory is happening in “real-time”.

“No investor has to wonder where Guyana is going,” he told the gathering.

Remarks were also given by Guyana’s senior petroleum advisor, Boddy Gossai, who mirrored Ramsaroop’s comments and pointed out that Guyana’s growth transcends the oil and gas and seeps into other critical sectors.

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