Argentina, the country that would receive the largest investment ahead of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

According to the The Technology Development Corporation of Capital Goods (CBC – La Corporación de Desarrollo Tecnológico de Bienes de Capital) – based in Chile – it announced last week what the private investment amounts will be for the next 5 years in terms of energy, hydrocarbons and mines for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Among these economies, according to the organization’s information, Argentina would be the one that would receive the largest investment. The million-dollar question is whether these projections will remain the same, after the surprise of the results in the primary elections in Argentina. There is a real possibility that a more protectionist government will return and roll back so much effort that was achieved to regain the confidence of international markets.
According to the report, Argentina would see an investment of us$ 61,000 million in 3 sectors. Among these, the highest investment would be energy, which would cover a total of us$ 25,929 million. In this segment, the Cóndor Cliff-Barrancosa hydroelectric power plant project is one of the highlights in that territory, since its investment would be estimated at approximately us$ 4.7 billion.
Argentina would also have the largest investment in mining according to the report. It was estimated that us$ 24,488 million would be allocated to mining projects, while an investment of us$ 11,186 million was projected in the field of hydrocarbons over the next 5 years. In the coming months it will be known if this projections last week are maintained regardless of who governs the country.

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